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Natasha and Vanessa, a couple of hardcore feminazi femdom dungeon bitches, have tracked down another guy with that special man pussy powers and are determined to disable his powers by fucking him up the ass. But to do this they have to catch him unawares so they walk into the bar where he is working and start chatting him up over a drink. Natasha sits next to him and opens her legs and he is so transfixed by the sight of her sexy panties that he doesn’t see Vanessa get behind him and stun him. Now he is unconscious the girls push him over the table and start ripping his clothes off. Once he is naked they both put on their strap-ons and Vanessa starts to fuck him up the ass in doggie position. The boy soon wakes up but he is powerless to stop the girls and they flip him onto his back. Vanessa continues to fuck his ass with her strap-on while Natasha pulls her knickers down and sits on his face. She makes him eat her pussy until she cums on his face and then she gets off and starts stroking his cock. Having Natasha’s gorgeous young pussy on his face and Vanessa’s strap-on up his ass has got the boy very aroused and as Natasha wanks his cock she makes him explode all over himself despite himself and turns him into an even obedient submissive slave boy!

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Is there anything better than watching two gorgeous girls get along? How’s about when those girls are gorgeous Russian Mistresses skilled in the art of Femdom

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Now here are some sexy femdom Mistresses. They know how to humiliate and work some male slave ass pussy until that slave is actually thanking them for all the pain and humiliation they cause his previously tight fuck hole.  Check out this FEMDOM MISTRESS DOUBLE TEAM STRAP ON GALLERY! See for yourself what a couple of sexy merciless teen Mistresses can do to a vulnerable submissive male as the make him their slave and teach him some servitude lessons.

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It’s one thing to have a mistress take your submissive male ass pussy, but it’s another when two of them get together and decide to share it like in this FEMDOM ASS PUSSY SHARING FREE SITE.  Granted these are two of the hottest Mistresses and male slave could have his ass pussy taken by, but still it gets harder and harder to walk when a femanazi femdom mistress start passing your tight ass pussy around and sharing it with their dominatrix friends for some BDSM fun.

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When Kaicee suggest a game of strip poker, dumb ass submissive Graham jumps at the chance thinking he is going to win and see both these dominant femdom babes naked. Unfortunately the cards go against him and, although the girls take a few items off, he is soon down to just his underwear. He loses again and when he pulls his pants down the ladies look shocked and then burst into laughter at how tiny his small cock is. Kaicee holds a playing card next to it and its not even half as big. His humiliation is complete when Kate fetches a magnifying glass and the girls try to inspect his cock with it but it’s still too small. Kaicee thinks maybe he is a “grower not a shower” so they take turns to stroke his cock and flash their tits at him. Kate even lets the old guy suck on her nipples and he soon hardens and starts to ejaculate, which only confirms to the girls how pathetic and useless his cock really is!